Performing Arts Hall of Fame

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Music, drama, broadcast and other artistic talents join “Who’s Who” of inductees

The Kenmore East Performing Arts Hall of Fame will soon induct eight new members as part of its 2017 class at an induction event on Friday, April 21 at 7 pm.  The special ceremony will take place in the school’s auditorium and is free to the public.

This will be the fourth group honored by the school and, just like previous inductees, this group spans the full range of artistic endeavors and all are graduates or educators from the 57-year-old school.

The class includes the late Buffalo music legend, drummer Ted Reinhardt, and his brother Tom, a bass guitarist.  They will be joined by another musician, pianist Eric Alsford, whose career also include a role as a conductor and music director.

There will also be three new members from the broadcast media, including: television writer and producer Jeanine Hunter; Emmy award-winning television editor, Deborah Moran; and radio personality, Jim McGee.  

On the theatrical side, there is producer/director Carin Zakes and renowned poet Molly Peacock, the star of a one-woman show.

30 local and national stars from the fields of music, theater and film were previously chosen for this award over the past six years.  The biographies of these individuals read like a script for the Lincoln Center awards and the winners cover the gamut across all the different entertainment arenas.

These include a costume mistress who managed the Metropolitan Opera and Saturday Night Live; a film producer of such hits as “A Single Man” & “The Golden Compass”; the special effects genius behind “Avatar”; and the conductor of the U.S. Army Field Band.  

On the dramatic side, inductees represent the Broadway stage; television; movies and radio.  Comedic twins Paul & Peter Vogt; musical theater stars Corinne Melancon and Brian Charles Johnson; and radio personality, Tom Bauerle, are represented on the special Kenmore East wall.

Musically, the range of talent is phenomenal, including Billy Sheehan and Dave Constantino — members of the rock band “Talas”; local rock performer, Dick Baurerle, a jazz musician and a professional drummer; song-writers & composers; and the makings of an incredible brass section.

For more information on the Hall, induction ceremony or the new members, please contact or call 716-874-8402.

2017 Inductees

  • Eric Alsford, 1985
  • Carin Zakes Green, 1972
  • Jeanine Hunter, 1994
  • Jim McGee, 1983
  • Deborah Moran, 1990
  • Molly Peacock, 1965
  • Ted Reinhardt, 1971 (posthumously)
  • Tom Reinhardt, 1973

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Inducted 2015

  • Robin Greene Grandin, 1975
  • William H. Jones, 1966
  • Loren Keller, retired teacher
  • Ron Mendola, 1969
  • Mike Migliore, 1972
  • William Mosher, retired Band Director
  • Vicki Jo Potaczala Derocker, 1977
  • Andrew Miano, 1991
  • Francis Vogt, 1983

2013 Inductees

  • Louis Baroudi, Faculty, 1962-85
  • Dick Bauerle, 1970
  • Tom Bauerle, 1981
  • Brian Blaziak, 1998
  • Nikki Casseri, 2002
  • Tom Doyle, Faculty, 1977 – 2005 (and the Company of Song)
  • Jim Pritchard, 1995
  • Justin Rizzo, 2002

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Charter Class, Inducted 2011

  • Karen Gawel Smiley, 1966
  • David Carroll, 1960
  • Dave Constantino, 1971
  • Billy Sheehan, 1971
  • Michael Licata, 1979
  • Corinne Melancon, 1976
  • Paul Vogt, 1982
  • Peter Vogt, 1982
  • Brian Johnson, 1903
  • Tom Spence, 1970
  • John D’Arcangelo, 1960
  • Alex Wozniak, 1904
  • Art Cranston (faculty 65-98)